Antivirus Best Practices

October 11, 2011

This is to remind all Trading Partners of their obligation to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) when accessing the MyHealth PAS On-Line Portal. By following the “best practice” guidelines below, Trading Partners will help ensure their incoming and outgoing electronic transactions are safe and secure:

  • Always ensure that the latest definitions file is updated and current
  • Update all antivirus software to the current version available
  • Never open attachments that are not confirmed or expected
  • Follow the recommended settings as listed:

  • Install system, email and download file scanning

  • Scan all files including compressed files
  • Always have heuristics turned on to scan for both macros and programs
  • Enable email scanning for attachments and compressed files Other “best practice” guidelines that are recommended are:
  • Ensure signatures are up to date
  • Enable automatic protection
  • Enable email scanning
  • Enable internet filtering
  • Enable periodic scanning
  • Enable heuristics, if available
  • Enable automatic updating