MIHMS MyHealthPAS Online Portal Feature Enhancement

September 9, 2011

An enhancement has been made to the MIHMS MyHealthPAS online portal.

Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) PCP Roster – This is a “smart search” feature that enables providers to search for a specific member by name or member ID.

The search box is located above the PCCM PCP Roster. This feature enables you to locate a specific patient or group of patients. As you enter characters, a list of potential matches will be displayed. Select the desired option and press the “Enter” key or select the “OK” button with your mouse. You may search by typing part or all of the first or last name, or by the MaineCare ID number. When you search by name, you must separate the first and last name by a space or comma.

Please note: If you are a PCCM PCP who corrected your rosters earlier this summer, those changes should be reflected. If you have not yet corrected your roster, you can do so by faxing your Panel Report to Nancy Gilson at 207-629-4299.