Explanation of Credit Items on MIHMS Remittance Advice (RA) Statements

August 30, 2011

As we notified providers in a list serve/RSS Feed on July 26, 2011, collections have begun on payments owed to MaineCare for MeCMS claims.

The MeCMS credits are now appearing on MIHMS RAs under “Summarized Disbursement of Funds” under “Offsets”.

The MeCMS receivables are reported as a lump sum. Since there is no associated claim detail on the RA, there are no associated reason codes. Providers who have outstanding MeCMS balances received a statement from MaineCare showing all data concerning the amount owed. This statement was sent to providers when the recoupment amounts were finalized.

To get the MeCMS claims detail, you can contact your Provider Relations Representative.

If you have questions about how much you owe, you can contact the Finance Recovery Unit at 287-6034 or 287-1809.