Home Health Providers, Section 40 MaineCare Benefits Manual Rules and Effective Dates

May 24, 2011

Currently, Section 40 Home Health Services of the MaineCare Benefits Manual has rulemaking underway. The proposed rule had its public comment period expire on March 14, 2011. Since this is a major substantive rule, the Maine State legislature must review it.

A final rule will be adopted, and may vary from the proposed rule.
Until the Section 40 final rule is adopted, the emergency rule is in effect.

You can find the emergency rule effective 10/18/10 on line under “archived emergency rules”. The emergency rule effective 9/1/10 is also available on-line.(The later rule was a correction to the 9/1/10 emergency rule.)

A fact sheet about the home health face-to-face requirement has been removed from the MaineCare website. At this time, providers are not expected to follow any proposed guidelines outlined in that document.

If you have questions about rulemaking for Section 40, please feel free to email Margaret Brown at the Office of MaineCare Services (Margaret.e.brown@maine.gov) or call her at 287-5505.