“Locked” Rendering Providers in New Enrollment and Full Maintenance Cases

March 8, 2011

While entering a rendering provider (RP) in a new enrollment or full maintenance case on the portal, providers may encounter a pop-up message indicating that the RP is currently being entered by another provider (this happens when the RP works for more than one provider), therefore you are unable to enter the RP in your new case until the other provider’s enrollment/maintenance case is complete.

Provider Enrollment Specialists have the ability to unlock the rendering provider. Please call Provider Enrollment at 1-866-690-5585, Option 2 to speak with a specialist. Once the rendering provider(s) is unlocked and entered by the specialist, the case can be submitted for processing.

This is the error message that is displayed when there is a locked provider: An enrollment application for this Rendering Provider is currently in progress by another user. Please delay adding this Rendering Provider NPI to your application until the other user has completed their enrollment. If this situation continues to exist, please contact the MaineCare Provider Enrollment Unit at 1-866-690-5585, Option 1.