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Office of MaineCare Services
11 State House Station,
Augusta, Maine 04333-0011

Member Services: (800)977-6740, TTY 711 Email:
Pharmacy Help Desk: (207)624-6902 or (866)796-2463, TTY 711
Provider Services: (866)690-5585, TTY 711
Third Party Liability: (866)796-2463, TTY 711
Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP): (800)977-6740, TTY 711
Main Number: (207)287-2674, TTY 711
Director's Office (207) 287-2674, TTY 711
Stephanie Nadeau

Stefanie Nadeau is the Director of MaineCare Services. Stefanie oversees all MaineCare initiatives and staff.


Jim LeonardJames Leonard is the Deputy Director of MaineCare and the Director of Health Information Technology. Jim oversees the MaineCare HIT Incentive Program and the statewide Health Information Exchange infrastructure and HIT initiatives.


Sarah Cairns

Sarah Grant is the Director of Program Management / Director of Communications. Sarah oversees all of Program Management and Communications projects and staff.


Ed Sims

Ed Sims is the Director of Administrative Services. Ed oversees facility resources and administrative contracts.


Division of Health Care Management (207)287-1091, TTY 711
Michelle Probert

Dr. Kevin Flanigan is the Medical Director at MaineCare and oversees all clinical decisions and aids in strategic program planning.


Michelle Probert

Michelle Probert is the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Michelle is currently leading MaineCare's Value Base Purchasing Strategy.


Amy Dix is the Children and Waiver Services Program Manager. (207)624-6930

Julie Tosswill is the Manager of the MaineCare Prior Authorization Unit. (207)287-1773

Suzanne Pinette is the Case Mix and Classification Program Manager. (207)287-3933

Tracy Emerson is the Manager of Care Management. (207)624-4014

Division of Operations (207) 287-2705, TTY 711
Roger Bondeson

Roger Bondeson is the Director of Operations. Roger oversees Pharmacy, Change Management, Quality Assurance, Third Party Liability, and Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP).


Beth Ketch

Beth Ketch is the Director of Customer Service, Director of Health Care Management, and Director of Policy. Beth's primary role is to oversee all customer service issues for providers and members.


Luke Lazure is the Director of Business Analytics and Reporting. Luke oversees reporting and data management. (207)624-4027

Diana Brown-Collins is the Manager of Claims and Adjustments. (207)629-4283

Debbie Gould is the Manager of the MaineCare Billing and Information Unit and Provider Enrollment Unit. (207)629-4261

Roger Widner is the Project Manager for MIHMS.(207)287-6189

Marshall Moseson is the Manager of Change Management (MIHMS changes) and Information Technology. (207)287-6592

Heidi Goodale is the Acting Supervisor of the Provider Relations Unit. (207)624-6926.

Provider Relations Staff Assignments by Policy (.xls)

Division of Policy (207) 624-6930, TTY 711

Beth Ketch is the Director of the Policy Division. (207)287-4078

Amy Dix is the Manager of the Policy Division. (207)624-6930

Pascale Desir is the Manager of the State Plan Ammendments. (207)624-4034

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