MaineCare's Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program - Professionals

To get your Year 1 (AIU - Adopt/Implement/Upgrade) payment:

  • Check your eligibility using the button below.
  • Register on CMS using the button below
  • Please note: To assign payments to a practice or group you must select "group reassignment" under the "Payee Information" section and enter your group payee Name, NPI and TIN (EIN). We have had issues with people not choosing group reassignment on the registration site when they wish to assign their payment. The program on the registration site will default the payee NPI to the personal NPI of the provider if group reassignment is not chosen and we will not be able to make payment.
  • For more detailed information on receiving a first year payment please see below.

To receive a Year 2+ payment:

  • Are you ready to attest  for the next program year? (you must have completed 90 or 365 days of MU for Stage 1 and in 2014 - 90 days of MU then all future years will be a 365 day reporting period for MU) Click the "Am I Ready to Attest to MU? button below.
  • If any of your information on the CMS registration site needs to be updated please notify us first and let us know what is being updated, i.e. provider contact, payee NPI, new Certification ID Number, etc. We need to be sure that the update is applied to the correct program year. When an updated is done it will be applied to the program year the provider is currently in and if we have not moved the provider into the next program year it may overwrite important information that needs to be saved for the current year.
  • When you are ready to apply for a new program year contact the State of Maine by clicking the button below.
  • We will send you the Medicaid 30% eligibility worksheet. Fill out the worksheet and send it back to us. We will then send you the Meaningful Use wizard. The Wizard is an application designed for you to submit your MU data directly to the State of Maine..


Please Note:

  • The new version of the Wizard application for the input of your Meaningful Use data is now available. Please be sure to use the latest version as it has the 2013 changes incorporated.
  • If you have a copy of the Wizard already do not submit any data to the State without first sending us the 30% Medicaid worksheet. We must roll the provider into the next program year so we can accept the MU submission.  If you submit data before we move the provider to the next program year our system will reject the submission.
  • We will process your MU data and send you an attestation statement by email. Sign and return the attestation and we will then create a payment for you.


  • Please keep in mind to meet menu measure #9 for Meaningful Use you must schedule a test submision with Maine CDC. We have been informed by Maine CDC that they were not able to receive test submissions from January 1 through April 30, 2013. If you are using any of those months for your 90 day MU reporting period you may request a letter from us for the exclusion.
  • May 2013 - The Maine Immunization registry can now accept test submissions for Stage I MU.
    • Note from Maine Immunization Registry: There are no technical barriers to MU attestation at this time.
      Attestation requires an ImmPact Profile and a PHC-HUB Profile. Set-up of these profiles requires State of Maine staff.
      Due to heavy request volume, expect a 30-60 day period from initial completion of the Data Exchange Survey to your access to submit an Attestation test message.
  • For Core Measure #14 Protect Electronic Health Information-Conduct or review a security risk analysis here is some information and documents you will find helpful in setting up your security risk analysis:
  • For more details on receiving Year 2+ payments from the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, click here for more information from CMS or see below.

Year One - AIU (Adoption Implementation Upgrade)

Step #1: Eligiblity

Step #2: Registration (if eligible)

  • Registration is done on the CMS site.Click the button above "Register for EHR incentives" to go to the registration site.
  • When you complete your registration you will be entered into the State of Maine EHR Incentive Program system. You will receive an automated email with a worksheet and instructions for you to fill out.

Step #3: Application

  • Apply for the program with the State of Maine, we have an application guide to help you through the process.
  • When your registration is submitted on the CMS site you will be entered into the State of Maine Incentive Program system; you will receive an automated email with the worksheet you need to fill out and return to us. You can download the worksheet and fill it out/preview it before hand by clicking here: worksheet link
  • After submitting your completed worksheet (there are two tabs/pages) the State of Maine will process it and upon approval will email you an attestation.

Step #3: Attestation

  • The attestation will come in the form of an email to the email address associated with your registration on the CMS registration site.
  • The subject line of the attestation email will read "Response Required: Last step for receiving your Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment"
  • Read through the attestation email. Sign and date it accordingly.
  • Return your attestation by following the instructions in the email.
  • Upon receipt of the signed attestation we will create your payment.

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Stage I MU (Meaningful Use) 90 days or 365 days

  • You must complete two years of Stage I MU before you can advance to Stage II

  • Please note:
  • The new version of the Wizard application for the input of your Meaningful Use data is now available.
  • Be sure to use the latest version as it has the 2013 changes incorporated..
  • Please download this pdf that lists the Stage I 2013 changes. Stage1_2013 changes (.pdf)

Step #1: Check Eligibility

Step #2: Contact the State of Maine (to let us know you are ready to apply for MU)

Update Your Registration on the CMS website

  • If any of your information from your previous year registration needs to be updated on the CMS website please do that after you notify us that you would like to apply for the next program year.
  • We will roll you into the next program year in our system which will enable us to accept any updates you do on your registration.
  • If you submit updates before you or your providers are turned to the next payment year, the update will be applied to the incorrect year.

Items that frequently need updating:

  • The contact email: This email must be someone that can respond to the information that we send out for completing the application process such as: the attestation statement, the wizard application, etc.
  • The EHR Certification ID number: As vendors update your system you need to know if that is generating a new EHR Certification ID Number. You can check your EHR Certification ID number here:
  • The payee NPI: When you are assigning payment you must be sure that the payee NPI number is an NPI that can accept MaineCare payments. Please remember to choose "group reassignment" when you are assigning payment. If you are assigning your payment to yourself and your personal NPI is the NPI that is associated with your vendor code you can let the program default to your personal NPI.

Step #3: Encounter data

  • MaineCare will send the most recent worksheet for your Medicaid encounter calculation to the registered email account from your previous payment year. You can get a copy of the latest worksheet by clicking this link: worksheet link.
  • The 30% encounter rate will be from a 90 consecutive day period in either the previous calendar year or the previous twelve months prior to this application.
  • Complete and submit this worksheet to the State of Maine EHR Incentive Program..

Step #4: Meaningful Use Wizard

  • After MaineCare approves your worksheet, you will receive the Meaningful Use Application (Wizard) by email, the email will alsohave a guide attached.
  • To get a preview of the wizard and learn a little more about it you can download the guide and view it before hand by clicking her: Wizard Guide
  • Follow the instructions in the guide and on-screen (in the wizard) to complete the Wizard.
  • The State of Maine will process your application and MU data and send you an attestation upon approval.

Important Notes:

Stage I - Menu Measure #9-Immunization Registries Dat Submission

  • To meet Public Health Menu Measure 9 you must set up a test with Maine CDC
  • This will require some time(30-60 days) and we advise that the test be done as soon as possible to be sure you will be able to meet the measure
  • These documents explain in detail what you will need to do to complete the test and have the contact information to schedule your test
  • If a provider does not give any immunizations they will be able to exclude from this measure. That is the only type of exclusion available
  • All providers must complete Menu Measure 9 for the Public Health Measure; either by meeting the measure with a test submission or by exclusion
  • Public Health menu measure #10 (Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission) is currently not available to providers by the State of Maine.

Step #5: Attestation

  • After the Meaningful Use submission is accepted we will send out the attestation email (to the registered email contact on CMS registration site).
  • Sign, date and submit your attestation by following the instructions emailed to you; the email will be titled "Response Required: Last step for receiving your Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment."
  • Upon receipt of the returned attestation, we will create and submit your payment.

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