MaineCare's Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program - Hospitals

Meaningful Use (MU)

Hospitals will attest for MU through the CMS Medicare Program. Completion of your MU information on the CMS Medicare site will satisfy the MU requirement for the Medicaid Program.

Steps for obtaining your Maine Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment

  1. Contact the Maine EHR Incentive Program prior to completing your Meaningful Use submission to Medicare
  2. Maine will move the hospital into the next program year for the Medicaid payment, this enable the system to accept the Medicare MU submission.
  3. Maine will send out the calculation worksheet that will need to be completed to show continued 10% Medicaid encounters, we will also need you to inform Maine if any of the data related to your EHR product has changed so we can update the data in our system.
  4. Upon receipt of your calculation sheet and the Medicare MU data Maine will create your payment.
  • You do not need to submit any MU data to Medicaid, we will receive your Medicare data directly from CMS

    Here is the 10% calculation worksheet (.xls) Maine will need submitted for each payment year.

    EHR Incentive Payment Program Guide (pdf) (.ppt)

Special Note: Are You Eligible for Both Programs?

Unlike eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and CAHs that qualify can receive incentive payments under both the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. Hospitals that are eligible for EHR incentive payments under both Medicare and Medicaid should select “Both Medicare and Medicaid” during the registration process, even if they plan to apply only for a Medicaid EHR incentive payment in the first year of participation by adopting, implementing, or upgrading certified EHR technology. Dually-eligible hospitals can then attest through CMS for their Medicare EHR incentive payment at a later date, if they so desire. It is important for a dually-eligible hospital to select “Both Medicare and Medicaid” from the start of registration in order to maintain this option.

Hospitals that register only for the Medicaid program (or only the Medicare program) will not be able to manually change their registration (i.e., change to “Both Medicare and Medicaid” or from one program to the other) after a payment is initiated and this may cause significant delays in receiving a Medicare EHR incentive payment.


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