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Why does he act the way he does?

What is at stake if we ignore him?

What can we do to help?

Speaker Notes:

What can we—members of his community, health providers, government agencies, policy makers—do to help him?

Clarify where I am coming from:

-One of the risks that is likely on people’s minds is the likelihood of someone like Egal being recruited into a terrorist organization. Clarify before I move forward what I can speak to and what I can’t;

--deep understanding of Somali refugee youth’s resettlement experience, and their mental health; I’m a clinical psychologist and have conducted research, clinical work, and program development with Somali adolescents in partnership with the community over the past 8 years.

-I am NOT an expert in the issue of radicalization or terrorism; I will focus on data and knowledge related to psychological adjustment and while I think there are plausible connections to radicalization it’s an area that hasn’t been studied in my field.