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    • The Language Access Resolution Agreement is in compliance with the Federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights Language Access Resolution Agreement:
      • Trained 2000 DHHS employees on the DHHS Language Access Policy; the remaining employee sessions are scheduled through spring 2007.
      • Language in contracts clarifies responsibilities of all DHHS contractors/provider agencies.
      • Developed appropriate language access resources and services.
    • The Maine Multicultural Resource Guide is posted on line and updated as new information arrives.
    • The Domestic Violence Interview Pictorial Booklet is a tool for law enforcement, domestic violence advocates and interpreters.
    • The mental health support services staff training curriculum has been revised to be culturally and linguistically appropriate and accessible to deaf staff working in mental health group homes as case managers.
    • Eight refugee and immigrant mental health collaborative meetings were held in Portland and Androscoggin Valley, which highlighted four major work areas:
      • To address language barrier in service delivery for persons with limited English proficiency;
      • To address cross-cultural communication between service providers and service recipients from diverse cultures;
      • To ensure networking among services providers, members of the different ethnic groups and service recipients;
      • To reach out to the different ethnic groups.
    • Trained 15 facilitators of peer support groups. Provide ongoing support and mentoring for three of these support groups in the greater Portland area, in partnership with the National Alliance On Mental Illness.
    • Secured resources to run a focus group in the refugee and immigrant community on integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment.