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Appendix C - National Origin Discrimination in Education

Title VI

No recipients receiving funds from the U.S. Department of Education may discriminate on the basis of national origin. School districts have the responsibility to adequately notify national origin minority group parents of school activities and other information which is called to the attention of other parents. Such notice, in order to be adequate, may have to be provided in a language other than English. Examples of discrimination may include:

  • Notices about disciplinary actions in English only.
  • Report cards and progress reports in English only.
  • Notices about meetings or extracurricular activities in English only.

To file a complaint or for further information contact:

The United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights
Post Office Courthouse Building, Room 222
Boston, MA 02109
Jim McCormack
Ph: 617-223-9662

Department of Education Federally Mandated Special Education Procedures
34 CFR Parts 300 and 303

There is specific language throughout this federal statute requiring effective communication with LEP parents through the use of qualified interpreters and the translations of written material. One example is 300.345 Parent Participation:

This section explains the process for assuring LEP parents are informed participants in the process. Specifically; (e) Use of interpreters or other action as appropriate. The public agency shall take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the parent understands the proceedings at the IEP meeting, including arranging for an interpreter for parents with deafness or whose native language is not English.