Public Assistance Applications - General Application for MaineCare

Documents you might need at interview appointment

When you apply for MaineCare, you may be asked to provide some or all of the items below:

  • Documentation of all income sources and amounts (with the exception of Social Security and SSI)
  • Documentation value for property that is not the applicant's residence
  • Copies of health insurance cards including Medicare
  • Copy of trust agreement where the applicant is a grantor or beneficiary
  • Copy of annuity contract
  • Copy of life insurance policies owned by the applicant and/or their spouse
  • Copy of prepaid burial contracts
  • Declaration of contents held in safety deposit box
  • Documentation of liquid assets owned currently by the applicant and/or spouse, or those that have their name on them. These include:
    • Current statements on all savings and checking accounts, certificate of
    • deposits, IRA or other investments
    • Copy of savings bonds that the applicant or spouse have an interest

Do not delay applying because something is not immediately available to you. This information can be obtained later in the interview process.