Maine Child Support: Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery (DSER)


How to Use the Voice Response System

Recording Caller Information

  1. Address Change - allows caller to provide an address change
  2. Payor Information - allows caller to provide significant information regarding the payor's income, assets or whereabouts.
  3. Pay Records - allows caller to request financial records
  4. Lost Check - allows caller to report a missing/lost/stolen/destroyed check
  5. No Recent Collections - allows caller to leave a message bringing to DSER's attention that no payments have been received for a couple/few weeks- in cases where collections were coming in on a regular basis.
  6. Dispute Distribution of Collections - allows caller to leave a message questioning/disputing disbursement of collections.
  7. Request for services - allows caller to leave a message requesting application for child support services.
  8. Direct Deposit - allows caller to request, change or stop direct deposit of child support disbursements.

Informational Responses

1. Financial Data - provides caller with collection and disbursement information.

2. Distribution of Child Support Collections

  • Currently TANF
  • Assignment of rights
  • Previously TANF
  • Never TANF

3. TANF and Supplemental TANF Payments

  • TANF explanation
  • Pass-through
  • Gap
  • Client excess
  • Client arrears

4. Division Services - provides caller with information regarding what is and is not covered by the Division's services.

5. Medical Reimbursement - provides caller with procedure for seeking Recoupment of medical expenses.

6. Special Collections - provides caller with brief explanation regarding Special Collections.

7. Notice of Support Collections - provides caller with procedural information regarding how to submit questions or complaints about information contained within the Notice.

8. Food Stamp Letters - provides caller with explanatory information about the letter and how to proceed with questions or complaints that are unanswered.

Contacting Case Review Selecting this option will provide caller with contact information for the Case Review Unit.