Children's Behavioral Health Services

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    • Case Management - Section 13 External site disclaimer (Microsoft Word*)
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    • Children's Habilitation Services - Section 28 External site disclaimer(Microsoft Word*)
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  • Statute - 34B External site disclaimer - rules govern the provision of mental health services in the State of Maine for children.
  • Child Services - 34B Chapter 15 External site disclaimer - (scroll to Chapter 15) identify children with mental health needs and to improve the provision of mental health care to children and supportive services to their families

Child Welfare

Early Childhood




  • Draft Community Services Block Grant Plan and Application FY 2014-2015 (MS Word*)
  • OCFS Strategic Plan - 2007 (MS Word*) (Adobe PDF*)
  • Social Service Block Grant Program Plan (Adobe PDF*)
  • Community Services Block Grant Program Plan and Application (Adobe PDF*)
  • Title IV-E State Plan (MS Word*) (Adobe PDF*)

Proposed Rules

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