IconChild and Family Services Policy
IconSection I - Introduction
IconI. A. Introduction
IconI. E. Standards for Supervision in Child Welfare
IconSection II - Child and Family Services
IconII. A. Permanency Policy
IconSection III - ICWA
IconIII. A. Indian Child Welfare Policy
IconSection IV - Child Protection Services
IconIV. B. Provision for Receipt of Reports
IconIV. C. Intake Screening and Assignment
IconIV. C-1. After Hours Services
IconIV. C-2. Response to Infants Affected by Illegal Substance Abuse
IconIV. C-3. Procedural Guidelines to Assist Safe Haven Providers
IconIV. D. Child Protection Assessment
IconIV. D-1. Child Abuse and Neglect Findings
IconIV. D-2A. Audio Taping Planned Child Interviews
IconIV. D-3. Audio Taping Parental Interviews
IconIV. D-4. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect
IconIV. D-4A. Domestic Violence Homicide Emergency Assessment
IconIV. D-5. Mandatory Referrals to Child Development Services
IconIV. D-6. Family Team Meetings
IconIV. E. Case Management Policy
IconIV. F. Petitioning for a Protection Order
IconIV. H. Short Term Emergency Services
IconIV. I. Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect in a Facility or Institution
IconIV. J. Relationship to Animal Welfare
IconIV. K. Assessment in Substance Abusing Families
IconIV. L. Care of Child Outside of Home/Emergency Informal Care
IconIV. M. Alternative Response
IconIV. N. Child Death and Serious Injury Internal Review
IconIV. Appendix I. Child Protective Intake Practice Guidelines
IconIV. Appendix II. Protective Intake Unit Procedures
IconSection IV-A - Authorizations
IconIV-A. A. Service Authorizations
IconIV-A. B. Decision Levels
IconIV-A. C. Use of Antipsychotic Medications for Youth in Foster Care
IconSection V - Services to Children in Substitute Care
IconV. D. Selection of Substitute Care Placement
IconV. D-1. Child Assessment and Plan
IconV. D-2. Voluntary Temporary Foster Care for Children (V2)
IconV. D-4. Placement with Department Employees and AAG's
IconV. D-5. Education Policy
IconV. D-6. Residential Services Policy and Procedure
IconV. D-7. Relative Placement and Kinship Care Including Fictive Kin
IconV. D-8. Guidelines for Managing Children Found at Methamphetamine Labs
IconV. D-9. Child History Policy
IconV. D-10. Respite Care Policy
IconV. D-11. Behavior Support Management
IconV. D-12. Children Requiring Hospitalizatio
IconV. E. Visitation
IconV. E-1. Sibling Placement and Visitation
IconV. F-2. Financial Support by Parents
IconV. F-4. Trust Funds and Other Settlements
IconV. G-1. Levels of Care
IconV. G-2. Clothing and Incidental Expenses
IconV. G-3. Transportation
IconV. I. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Services
IconV. I-2. Health Records
IconV. I-3. Sex Education
IconV. I-5. Consent for Non-Routine Health Care Procedures
IconV. I-5A. Release of Liability Forms
IconV. I-6. Rules on the Disclosure of HIV Status Information
IconV. J. Payment for Medical and Dental Services
IconV. K-3. School Transfer Policy
IconV. L-3. Marriage
IconV. L-4. Hunting Licenses
IconV. L-6. Legal Change of Name for Minor Children in DHHS Custody
IconV. M-1. Christmas Monies
IconV. R. Dismissal from Committed Programs
IconV. S. Foster Children and the Media
IconV. T. Youth Transition Policy
IconV. Appendix I - ICWA Checklist
IconSection VI - Case Review
IconVI. A. Judicial Review Policy
IconSection VII - Family Reunification
IconVII. A. Legal BAse
IconVII. B. Philosophic Base
IconVII. C. Target Population
IconVII. D. Standards of Practice for Children in the Custody of the Department
IconVII. E. Determination of Need to Commence or Discontinue Rehabilitation or Reunification
IconVII. E-1. Trial Home Placements
IconVII. F. Reinstatement of Parental Rights
IconSection VIII - Adoption
IconVIII. A. Family Standards Foster and Adoptive Care
IconVIII. B. Termination of Parental Rights and Placement, Supervision
IconVIII. B-1. Adoption Recruitment, Placement and Supervision
IconVIII. C. Adoption Assistance
IconVIII. D. Confidentiality of and Access to Departmental Adoption Records
IconVIII. Appendix I - Legal Risk Adoptive Placement Request
IconSection IX - Permanency Guardianship
IconIX. A. Permanency Guardianship
IconIX. B. Adoption from Permanency Guardianship
IconSection X - Medical Treatment Order
IconX. A. Medical Treatment Order
IconSection XI - Legal and Investigative Resources and Procedures
IconXI. AA. Reasonable Efforts
IconXI. A. Child Protection Petition
IconXI. B. Reasonable Steps to Inform Parties of Intent or Action
IconXI. C. Sworn Summary of Facts and Affidavits
IconXI. DD. Diligent Search
IconXI. D. Verification of Vital Statistics
IconXI. E. Interested Party
IconXI. F. Request for Preliminary Protection Order and Waiver of Hearing
IconXI. G. Consenting to Preliminary Protection Order and Waiver of Hearing
IconXI. H. Waiver of Ten Day Time Period Prior to Child Protection Hearing
IconXI. I. Attestations and Copies
IconXI. J. Service of Legal Documents
IconXI. JJ. Discovery Protocol
IconXI. L. Motions and Amendments to Legal Documents
IconXI. M. Legal Representation
IconXI. N. Examinations by Experts and Motion for Examination
IconXI. O. Court Subpoenas/Witnesses
IconXI. P. Investigatory Subpoenas
IconXI. Q. Criminal History Records
IconXI. R. Appearance in Court
IconXI. S. Support
IconXI. T. Child Protection Orders
IconXI. U. Appeals
IconXI. V. Routing of Legal Documents
IconXI. W. Legal Billing
IconXI. X. Photographs
IconXI. Y. Relationship to Law Enforcement
IconSection XIII - Case Records
IconXIII. A. Documentation of Case Management Activity
IconXIII. B. Determining Access to the Department's Records
IconSection XIV - Family Foster Homes for Children
IconXIV. A. Philosophy
IconXIV. C. Foster Parent Training and Certification
IconXIV. D. Family Standards Foster and Adoptive Care
IconXIV. F. Approval of Relative Family Foster Homes for Children
IconXIV. G. Licensing of Child Placing Agencies
IconSection XV - Miscellaneous
IconXV. C. Inter-District Coordination and Transferring of Cases
IconXV. D. Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
IconXV. E. Review of Substantiation Decisions of Child Abuse and Neglect
IconXV. F. Email Confidentiality Protocol
IconXV. G. Protocol for Disclosure of Information to Legislators
IconXV. H. Emergency Response
IconXV. I.  Phone Call/Voice Mail Policy

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