IV. D-3. Audio Taping Parental Interviews

Effective 2/23/06

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Taping interviews with parents follows the same spirit of taping interviews with children. (See IV.D-2A. and IV.D-2B.) The taping of parental interviews is voluntary and parents may stop the recording process at any point during the interview. Many parents have favorably indicated that a taped recording of their interview ensures an accurate account of the interview. This practice is at the discretion of the supervisor.



The caseworker will engage the parent being interviewed. Once a rapport has been established, the caseworker will explain the benefits of taping the interview. It is explained that taping is voluntary and that the recorder can be turned off anytime during the interview. At this point, the caseworker uses the same protocol set forth in Child and Family Services Manual on Audio Taping Planned Child Interviews (IV. D-2.A.). The recorder is turned on and the caseworker states that this is a voluntary recording and that the parents have been informed that the recording can be turned off at anytime.



1.All parental interviews shall be placed on the V drive in MACWIS.
2.For assessments where child abuse and neglect is unsubstantiated, written documentation regarding the interview with the parents will be done in the following way:
a.The caseworker will do a limited narrative log entry, specifying the name of parent(s), the place of interview, who was present, that the interview was audio recorded, and that the caseworker has entered the interview into MACWIS.
b.One or two sentences of relevant interview material that supports the basis for the unsubstantiated assessment will be recorded in the Closing Summary in MACWIS.
c.Collateral interviews will continue to be documented in MACWIS as separate entries in the Narrative Log.


3.For assessments where abuse or neglect is found, written documentation of parent interviews shall follow documented practice guidelines.