IV. B. Provision for Receipt of Reports

Effective 2/15/00

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As the agency mandated to receive reports of suspected child abuse/neglect, the Department of Human Services will provide for the receipt of these reports and requests for service.



1.The 24 hour Child Protective Intake Unit will receive reports of suspected child abuse/neglect statewide.
2.A statewide toll-free number is maintained to receive reports/referrals twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
3.Telephone numbers and addresses of the Child Protective Intake Unit shall be made widely known through publicity.
4.Please refer to Child Protective Intake Practice Guidelines (Appendix 1).



1.When an intake call or letter is received in the district office, it will be routed to Child Protective Intake immediately to begin the intake process.
2.District office staff are responsible to document (i.e., enter in MACWIS) reports that they receive.
3.Members of the public who walk into either a District or Central Office to make and report of child abuse and neglect should be able to make that report to an appropriate staff person.  When staff is not available in District offices the reporter will be given the telephone number of Child Protective Intake and provided with a telephone and a comfortable place from which to make the report.
4.Publicity will be a shared responsibility of central and regional offices and will consist of:
a.Distribution of brochures
b.Use of media
c.Response to community requests for reporting information.