Child Welfare

Foster Parenting

Foster and adoptive parents are an invaluable resource for Maine's children and communities - and Maine needs more of them. We are a large state, and in some regions the number of family foster homes is shrinking. Maine Child and Family Services believes that developing talented, caring foster and adoptive homes - in all Maine communities - is essential to enhance our care for children.

  • Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine External site disclaimer - if you're a current foster parent take advantage of valuable support provided by this group.
  • Levels of Care - A process for assessing the service needs of all Maine children currently in foster care and new children entering foster care.
  • Program Standards for Treatment Foster Care - a family-based, service delivery approach providing individualized treatment for children, youth, and their families
  • Rules Providing for the Licensing of Family Foster Homes and Specialized Children's Foster Homes - Word, PDF


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