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Children Home and Community Waiver 32 - March 06, 2012 Announcement

This is an important update about Applications for Waiver Services for Children with Intellectual Disabilities or Pervasive Developmental Disorders.   The application cannot be formally accepted until the rule, Section 32 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual, is finalized.  This will give families some additional time to fill out the applications.  In a previous message, we had asked that applications be submitted prior to March 20, 2012.  This is no longer the deadline. 

As you may know, the rule, Section 32, has been proposed and the public hearing has taken place.  The rule has not been finalized.  We will send another message when the rule is final to establish a new timeline for consideration of applications.  The new timeline will be at least two weeks from the date of the final rule.  You may also check the MaineCare Rules website for the final version.  We encourage families and providers to continue to prepare the application and supporting documents.

If you have already completed an Application form, please hold it until the final rule is issued. If you have already sent in an application form, we will hold it on file but will not review until the final rule is issued. If there is a need for different or additional information, Children's Behavioral Health Services will notify you.  We will give families additional time to submit any new documentation. 

Thank you,
Doug Patrick

Douglas E. Patrick, JD, LCSW
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