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February 21, 2012 Announcement- 32 Children's Waiver Application Released

Today the Children's Waiver Application and Information about the Children's Waiver Process and Application Instructions have been released.  The Children's Waiver is an intensive service delivered in the family home or small agency home for children with significant needs otherwise requiring an institutional level of care.  Children's Behavioral Health Services is available to assist providers, families and other community members in filling out the application.  Contact information regarding CBHS and detailed information about how to fill out the application are included in the Information document.   Please fill out the electronic version of the application form and send to appropriate office.  If necessary, a paper version may be used and mailed into the office.

Please send completed applications as soon as possible and no later than March 20, 2012 to ensure review for the first funded openings.  We understand that it may take some time to gather the required documentation and therefore we will not be making any decisions as to which children will receive funded openings until March 23, 2012. Decision letters will be sent to families on or after that date.  There are forty (40) funded openings for children during the first year of the waiver.  The number will increase by twenty (20) in the second year and another twenty (20) in the third year.  If necessary, there may be a wait list and families will be notified.  Applications may be submitted at any time in the future.

The current MaineCare regulation with details about the waiver service can be found under Proposed Rules.  Additional information about the waiver services can be found on the Children's Behavioral Health Services website.

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