Children's Behavioral Health

District Staff

Clinical Care Specialist

  • Accesses, monitors, reviews the appropriate level of care and quality of care for services, placement, and treatment; approves, plan~ and coordinates hospital level of care; assists with discharge planning, authorization for out-of-home/Out-of-State (OOS) placements, Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment (ITRT), works closely with the System Access Coordinator

Mental Health Program Coordinator (MHPC)

  • Coordinates & collaborates with community providers, agencies, and other departments to assist parents' families with access to the children's MH system of care; establishes, maintains, and promotes a network of services and supports for children with MH treatment needs; acts as liaison with other child-serving departments and case management agencies; participates on Local Case Review Committees. Provides on-call coverage for Prior Authorization of OOS hospitalization. Authorizes expenditure of Individual Planning Funding identified for assigned counties.

Mental Health Program Coordinator/DOC Liaison

  • Provides professional services within the Dept. of Corrections, Regional Juvenile Community Correction Office in the identification and planning for MH treatment needs of youth. Liaisons the Juvenile Community Correction Officers, Regional Correction Administrator, and the Correction Resource Developer with contracted and private behavioral and mental health community service providers and resources. Conducts regional planning, program and resource development, and oversight of Flexible Funding in order to meet the behavioral health needs of youth in the correctional system. Provides on-call coverage for Prior Authorization of OOS hospitalizations.

Resource Coordinator

  • Identifies consumer and service needs, including residential service, for the Region, prioritizes individual service needs; coordinates the planning, developing, establishing and implementation of new services; reviews, monitors MaineCare and Dept. Policies and procedures for system/regional service delivery; coordinates activities across regions, other state departments and agencies in the development of services and protocols; collaborates with DHHS-Office of Medical Services to provide feedback from the local/regional level, manages the process for delivery of in-home support services and ID(MR) Waiver Services; maintains database for regional operations regarding these services; assists providers/agencies with implementation of Department policy and MaineCare rule for services under DHHS contract; acts as liaison to DHHS/OMS; participates in Interdepartmental Resource Development activities.

Quality Improvement Specialist (QIS).

  • Monitors and collects agency reports, data and related information in order to evaluate service performance and generate information for Department decision- making.
  • Reviews and assesses statistical data regarding type, nature and frequency of services delivered, in order to prepare required and requested reports.
  • Conducts on-site visits with contracted agencies and providers in order to provide information on the purchase of services, and to assess gaps, strengths, and weaknesses in service delivery.
  • Reviews treatment plans and other client records in order to ensure efficient and effective services.
  • Discuss, explains and clarifies the Department program requirements, performance measures, and other reporting mandates with providers, and agency staff.
  • Facilitates agency linkages and collaborative relationships in order to improve quality and efficiency of services.
  • Participates in site reviews and assists with quality concerns relative to service delivery.

Enrollment Specialist

  • Completes Children's Enrollment Form (CEF) and enrolls child/family into the information system.
  • Completes preliminary assessment and level of care tools for children placed on case management wait lists.
  • Provides consultation about community services
  • Monitors waiting lists.
  • Triages and documents phone calls from families and others inquiring about services.
  • Identifies unmet needs and service gaps and informs regional staff of emerging trends in service needs.
  • Reviews service plans to ensure that they are complete and accurate to ensure proper reimbursement.
  • Enters authorizations for payment into the Department's information system.
  • Informs QI Specialists, UR Nurses, Resource Coordinators, and case managers, as appropriate, of issues revealed by review of service plans.
  • Receives and reviews provider enrollment (eligibility) information and enters in the Department's information system.
  • Provides follow up for families who enter the system of care through crisis or emergency interventions.
  • Monitors service needs of families on waiting lists.

Family Information Specialist

  • Provides information, referral, and assistance to families inquiring about DHHS (FIS) community services.
  • Directs phone calls from families and others to appropriate agency or staff.
  • Receives incoming calls and maintains database of families seeking services.
  • Maintains inventory of brochures and educational materials for distribution to families.
  • Provides and maintains information to staff concerning new community services.
  • Provides support and educational materials for distribution to families.
  • Assists families in accessing family support groups and parent organizations.
  • Informs regional staff of emerging trends in service needs.
  • Refers families to appropriate service providers and other Department staff.
  • Assists in the organization of training for parents.
  • Maintains contacts with families on issues related to information and referral.
  • Follows up with families regarding their service needs.
  • Maintains database on census at crisis residential centers (statewide).