Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment


APS Healthcare manages the Prior Authorization and Continued Stay Authorizations for Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment (ITRT). APS Healthcare will be your contact related to residential treatment.


The Referral Source will Fax application materials to APS Healthcare at 1 (866)325-4752.  APS Healthcare will determine Level of care for Residential Treatment and will provide the Referral Source and/or the Guardians with information regarding prospective residential treatment programs in their area. APS Healthcare will not be making any clinical recommendations for programs, that is up to the referral source and guardian.


Residential and Community Based Service Providers will work directly with APS Healthcare throughout the ITRT Process. Please contact APS Healthcare Provider Relations with questions regarding the ITRT process or decisions at 1-866-521-0027, Option 1, or via email at


APS Healthcare forms and instructions can be found at


APS Healthcare Provider Relations can answer questions at 1-866-521-0027 Option 1 or via email at