MaineCare, Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations (RCS)

Rehabilitative and Community Services (RCS) is for children or youth up to the age of 21 who have a developmental disability that affects their everyday functioning. (Ex. Autism Spectrum Disorders & Intellectual Disability). Services include skill building in activities of daily living and behavior management.

Services may be delivered in individual or group settings, and are intended to help the child function better in home and community through working on goals identified in a treatment plan. Services must be authorized by the Department's authorized agent, APS health care and are reviewed periodically to assure medical necessity.

Section 28, Procedural Guide (Word*)


APS Forms & Instructions


OCFS Forms

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Guide to Conversation (Word (Electronic))  | also in PDF (Write Out)
    1. Addendum to the Comprehensive Assessement 10-16-13
  2. Specialized Service Rate Request (Word (Electronic))  | also in PDF (Write Out)
  3. Comprehensive Assessment: Guide to Conversation Narrative Summary (Word (Electronic))  | also in PDF (Write Out)
  4. Comprehensive Assessment: Score Summary Word (Electronic)  | also in PDF (Write Out)
  5. APS-MCBM Crosswalk 10-16-13


RCS 28 Provider list click here for list


Mainecare Benefits Manual