Forms and instructions for accessing Children’s Behavioral Health Services: 


Application to Become a CBHS Contracted Service Provider

CBH Provider Website Update Form

Contracted Provider Critical Incident Reporting

EIS Access/Removal Request and Staff Update Form (Password Reset)

EIS Provider Staff Data Clean-Up Please contact Lynn Dorso 626-8651 or Jeanne Tondreau 624-7912


Individual Planning Funding Application

OCFS has recognized an unanticipated need for greater guidance and policy making regarding the use of IPF for therapeutic riding. As a result, the addition of therapeutic riding to the list of reimbursable items is suspended at this time.


Home and Community Based Treatment HCT

Intensive Temporary Residential Treatment


Release Information

  • Authorization to Release Information (Word* | also in PDF*)

Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations (RCS 28)

Targeted Case Management