Children's Behavioral Health

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Children's Behavioral Health Services began developing a Continuous Quality Improvement Program in 2010 including youth, families and providers.  The purpose of the program is to bring diverse perspectives together to identify quality measures, indicators, data sources, reporting systems and workable strategies toward a system that is continuously improving.  Six 'Key Quality Areas' have been established from which all quality measures, indicators and improvement strategies would follow.  The 'Key Quality Areas' are:

  • Safety,
  • Integration,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Family and Youth Driven,
  • Strengths Focused, and
  • Accessibility.

Ongoing work includes determining specific performance measures for MaineCare services and state funded services.  The group will develop a process for collecting and reviewing data, developing and disseminating reports, and training and technical assistance.  Quality work with providers will involve ongoing development of CQI Plans, reports on progress and revisions of plans. 

  1. Making Change Last: (Power Point*) Taking a Trauma-Informed System from Theory to Continuous Improvement-July 2011
  2. Youth and Family Workgroup (pdf*) - 6 Key Quality Areas for Children's Behavioral Health Services