Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)
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Type of Training: CAFAS Training

Day 1: 2012-08-27,9:00am,5:00pm
Day 2: 2012-08-28,9:00am,5:00pm
Day 3: ,,
Day 4: ,,
Location: 49 Spring St, Auburn, Maine
Directions: This training will start promptly at 9:00am. If anyone misses any part of the training, they may need to make the training up at a later date.The $60 fee is for outside agency. This check must be given to the trainers the day of the training. View Map
CAFAS Trainer: Michelle Dubois
Phone: 333-3278 ext 231
Additional Information:

This is being co-trained with Mary Gagnon. The class is capped at 20, leaving room for 12 outside agency staff with the potential for more outside staff to join if we don't have enough attend from our agency.