Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)
Training Archive

Type of Training: CAFAS Training

Day 1: 2012-02-22,8:30,4:30
Day 2: 2012-02-23,8:30,4:30
Day 3: ,,
Day 4: ,,
Location: 43 Hooper Street, Wiscasset
Directions: The training is at Umbrella Mental Health Services, which is in a large yellow house on Hooper St. Parking is available at the medical practice. View Map
CAFAS Trainer: Catherine Holloway
Phone: 207-557-1514
Additional Information:

-Training cost will be $50.00/per day. Please make checks payable to Umbrella Mental Health Services. This may be paid prior to the training or on the 1st day of training. In addition, lunch and refreshments will not be provided A store and restaurants nearby.