Mandated Reporter Training for Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect


To familiarize participants with their legal mandate for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect as well as providing information to increase their recognition and response to child abuse and neglect.


  1. Know and understand the roles and responsibilities of mandated reporters under Maine Law.
  2. Recognize the possible behavioral indicators of child abuse.
  3. Know how to make a report of suspected child abuse and neglect.
  4. Develop increased understanding of the complexity of responding to child abuse and neglect by learning of possible outcomes when abuse/neglect is found by DHHS.


Clearly, abuse of any type is a very sensitive issue; therefore any materials, cases, or situations used throughout this training will be de-identified to maintain confidentiality.

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There are several activities that suggest you print the page to keep and/or refer to your responses. If you find that you need more room or you do not currently have access to a printer, feel free to use paper for these activities.

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Learning Objectives Activity:

Please take a moment to reflect on and respond to the following questions:

  1. What is your most pressing concern that you want to learn about today?
  1. What is something you have always wondered about the Department of Health and Human Services but never got the chance to ask?
  1. What has your experience working with the Department of Health and Human Services been like so far?
  1. Have your ever made a report to the Adult or Child Protective Intake Units? If yes, what was it like?
  1. What kinds of information will be the most helpful to you in your job?

Print this page and use your responses as a guide to focus and direct your learning throughout this training. You may use paper if you run out of room or if you do not have access to a printer.

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If you do not find or obtain all the information or learning you established, be sure to talk with your Supervisor or contact Joyce Giguere at joyce,


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