Mandated Reporter Training - Unit 6


  • To review information covered in the training.
  • To reflect on training activities.


  • Review what you wrote on the "Learning Objectives Activity" on the home page. If you did not print it out in the beginning of the training, (page will open in separate window - close the window to return to this page) if you would like to review it.
  • Did you get all of your questions get answered?
  • Did you find all of the information you wanted to locate?
  • If not, please list any questions you still have below and then set up a time to meet with your Supervisor to discuss this training.

Print this page to show your questions and concerns to your supervisor.
You may use paper if you run out of room or if you do not have access
to a printer.

Print Page Button

Here are some web pages for Child Protection on the DHHS Office of Child and Family Services page (pages will open in separate windows - this content is located on another web page):


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