least restrictive alternatives

Least Restrictive Alternative: Mediation

The mediator is NOT a judge.  The mediator does not decide who’s right or wrong and doesn’t force the parties to reach an agreement or accept particular terms of an agreement.

At its best, mediation may help friends and family members reconnect and may strengthen a person’s network of natural supports.

Mediation helps friends and family members resolve disagreements about the need for guardianship or about which alternatives would best meet a persons needs. During mediation, all parties meet with a mediator (a neutral person) in a private, confidential setting to work out a solution to their problem.

The mediator listens to everyone involved express their feelings, talk about what theyre worried about, and then helps to develop a solution that works for everyone.


How to decide if this alternative is the best choice?

Is there disagreement among friends and family members about whether guardianship is needed or about what alternatives might best meet a persons needs?

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