Community Resources/Natural or Unpaid Supports

least restrictive alternatives

Natural supports are an excellent resource and should be used whenever possible to support adults who need assistance with decision-making.

Increased support from family and friends -

  • An informal group of friends and family, often called a “Circle of Support,” can sometimes be enough to provide the supports and help an adult needs. Usually, friends and family members know the person best and are most aware of what that person wants and doesn’t want. 

A network of natural supports presumes that the person & his/her supports are aware of the person’s strengths, gifts, dreams, & humanity-all of which increase the likelihood of maximum independence & community inclusion.

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Community agencies -

  • Organizations such as Area Agencies on Aging, Home Health Agencies, and other community agencies bring services to a person’s home.
  • Other community-based supports include food and prescription drug deliveries, home visitors, service animals, transportation to medical and other types of appointments, and home-sharing, if they are available and the person is eligible.

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