Full or Limited Guardianship

What you need to know about Full Guardianship:

  • Full guardianship can take away an individual's basic rights to make choices about his or her life.
  • Under full guardianship, a person may not be able to choose where to live, what to eat or wear, or who to have relationships with.
  • Under full guardianship, a person may not be allowed to access money, spend money, or save money.
  • Guardianship is not a quick fix. The process of appointing a guardian may require significant time and energy.
  • Having a guardian does not prevent an individual from making poor decisions.
  • While individuals retain some rights under a limited guardianship, most guardians in Maine have full guardianships of their wards. It is important to understand that full guardianship is not the only option.

The court can assign a FULL or LIMITED guardianship.

Under Full Guardianship, a guardian has decision-making control over all areas of an individual's life.

Under a Limited Guardianship, a guardian has control over some but not all areas of an individual's life. For example, a limited guardian may be responsible for providing consent for medical treatment or making all financial decisions.

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