Maine’s Website on Adult Guardianship and Alternatives.

This website is for anyone seeking information on adult guardianship, conservatorship, or alternatives to guardianship. The information on this site applies to all adults with diminished capacity, including frail elders, persons with developmental disabilities, individuals with physical disabilities, and persons with mental health or addiction issues

It may be particularly helpful for:

  • Family members and friends of adults in need of decision-making help who are researching guardianship and alternatives for loved ones
  • Self-advocates
  • Current guardians or conservators
  • Social and health service professionals, including case managers, physicians, and educators; and
  • Legal professionals, such as court visitors, attorneys, and judges, who are involved in the process of determining whether guardianship is appropriate and necessary

This website was designed by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services so Mainers could have access to clear, consistent, and current information on guardianship and its alternatives.