Consumer - Directed Physical Disabilities Services

The OADS Physical Disability Services offers three consumer-directed programs designed to support adults with physical disabilities. These programs are offered state wide and are designed to maximize independence to support people to remain in their homes. Two of the programs operate under the State’s Mediciad progam, known as MaineCare, and one is totally state funded.

MaineCare Programs

Consumer Directed Attendant Services (Section 12 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual): Known as CDAS, this program empowers the consumer to recruit, hire, train and supervise their own personal attendant(s) to assist with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. Individuals interested in directing their personal care must be 18 years or older and have the cognitive ability to assume the role of employer. Consumers must complete at least four hours of skills training and be able to demonstrate the ability to manage Personal Attendant Services.  This program has an upper limit of 28 hours per week of attendant services. Consumers are supported by their Service Coordination Agency with quarterly visits and phone calls. Financial Management services are also offered including Personal Attendant payroll.

Consumer DirectedPersonal Assistance Services (Section 22 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual): This is a Home and Community Based Waiver program that supports adults with physical disabilites and is consumer directed. It  allows for up to 86.25 hours/week of personal care assistance. As in the program described above, the consumer must complete at least four hours of Skills Training before employing their attendants.  Other covered services through this program include: Financial Management Services, Support Brokerage, and personal emergency response systems.

The MaineCare policies for these programs can be found under the corresponding section at:

Eligibility for these MaineCare programs is based on financial and medical eligibility guidelines.

The Office of Family Independence determines financial eligibility based on the completion of a MaineCare application with supporting financial documentation

For an office located near you.

OADS Physical Disability Services also offers a state funded Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services, also known as Consumer-Directed Home Based Care (CDHBC) to provide services for those who do not qualify financially for the MaineCare programs described above. This program allows for up to 40 hours/week of personal care assistance, administration, and personal emergency response systems. This service is provided under contract with AlphaOne. To learn more about AlphaOne please visit their website at More information about the state funded Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services can be found at

Goold Health Systems is the Department’s contracted agent to assess medical/functional eligibility for home care services, nursing facility and residential care. GHS utilizes the MED XX assessment tool to determine eligibility. To request an assessment, please contact Goold Health Systems at 621-1346 or 1-800-609-7893. Goold Health System’s website is located at

Eligibility is determined through a Goold Health Systems MED assessment. 

Consumers have the right to appeal a decision made by Goold Health Systems and/or their Service Coordination Agency.  If you would like to appeal a denial, termination, suspension or a reduction in Physical Disability services please call 287-6598. For services to continue during the appeal process, a request for an appeal must be received by the Department of Health and Human Services within ten (10) days of the notice to reduce, deny, suspend or terminate services.    

For additional information about these Consumer Directed Personal Attendant Services programs please contact the OADS Physical Disability Services at 287-9200.