Developmental Services - Information for Providers

Medication Administration for Shared Living and Family-Centered Home Support

This course is for people who administer medications only in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support settings funded under MaineCare section 21. This course is for the primary home provider as well as any others who administer medication only to the people living in the home. Anyone who is paid to administer medications in other settings is not eligible to take this course.

Certification can only be obtained through a Developmental Services approved nurse instructor. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified to administer medications to people who live in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support. You are not certified to administer medications to anyone else. If you work in another setting with other individuals, you need to take a more comprehensive medication administration course and be certified as a Certified Residential Medication Assistant (CRMA).


Instructor Resources

Nurse Instructors: Notes to the Nurse Instructor (Word*) - a description of the requirements for this course.

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