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Provider Information - Woodfords Family Services

Date: July 07, 2006

Agency Name: Woodfords Family Services

Location: 15 Saunders Way Suite 900, Portland, ME 04103

Contact Person: Richard Farmsworth

Telephone #: 207-878-9663

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Woodfords Family Services has been providing a broad range of support services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and families for nearly 40 years. While our primary service population focus on supporting families where the family member with the disability resides, we also provide residential accommodation that are crafted to meet individual needs and which range from personal support to shared living, small group residential, and supervised apartment.

As a part of our philosophy, Woodfords makes every effort to maintain family relationships and keep the lines of communication open so that these positive bonds of relationship are strengthened whenever possible.

An additional focus is on working with the resident to improve their independent living skills and to assist them on building relationships in the community to enhance their quality of life.