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Provider Information - Waban Projects, Inc.

Date: 10/24/2006

Agency Name: Waban Projects, Inc.

Location: 5 Dunaway Drive, Sanford, Maine 04073

Contact Person: Gervaise Flynn

Telephone #: 207-324-7955


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Waban Projects, Inc is a community- based agency believing in the principles of normalization, integration and self-empowerment in the least restrictive environment offering programs for both children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Waban provides a variety of residential supported living settings in the community including licensed group homes and apartment settings. Each residential setting provides individually tailored habilitation programs which will enhance each consumer's ability to integrate into the community and increase their independent living skills.

Waban's Life Works is a CARF accredited day program serving adults with developmental disabilities. The vocational program provides both center and community based work opportunities, job development, training, placement and support.

The Child Development Center offers a year -round developmental therapy Preschool Program for children ages 2 1/2 to 6 offering speech, occupational and physical therapy, an Infant/Toddler Program for children ages birth to 3 and their families and an Assessment Team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, social workers and educational specialists.

Waban Habilitation Services offers home-based support services to eligible children and families with unmet needs.

Summer Camp offers week-long recreational opportunities in fully handicapped accessible waterfront faculties to individuals/families who support individuals with developmental disabilities.