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Provider Information - Spurwink Services

Date: 03/16/2010

Agency Name: Spurwink Services

Location: Home and Community Supports in York and Cumberland County

Contact Person: Susan Murphy

Telephone #: 207-797-2512


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Spurwink Services provides

  • Community Supports in Limerick, Westbrook, and North Yarmouth. 
  • Home/ Residential Services are currently being provided in Brunswick, North Yarmouth, Portland, Westbrook, Buxton, Standish, Scarborough, and Limerick. 

Typically, 2, 3, or 4 individuals reside together, each with their own bedroom.  Some  homes are staffed by therapeutic couples who live-in and provide support. Many couples stay in these positions for years, which allows for good relationship development and provision of structure, consistency, and stability.  Some residential homes also have shift staff.  Spurwink Services also provides Home Support in a few Shared Living Arrangements.