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Provider Information - Specialized Housing, inc.

Date: 12/3/2009

Agency Name: Specialized Housing, inc.

Location: 45 Bartlett Crescent, Brookline, MA 02446--offices
and 20 E. Street, South Portland, Maine 04106

Contact Person: Charles Silsby

Telephone #: 617-738-9091

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Description of Services: Specialized Housing promotes independence through home ownership, offering flexible consultation, development and management services, tailoring services to particular groups of families, depending on their location, their interests, and their specific needs.

Specialized Housing works with families wherever they happen to live, to create supportive independent living arrangements for their adult sons and daughters who have learning, developmental or autism spectrum disabilities. For more than 26 years, Specialized Housing has been developing condominiums and providing ongoing management services. providing the oversight and the staff that make this happen.
The condominiums are owned by the resident or owned by the family on his or her behalf. Residents and families have a significant role in the ongoing operations of the household. Some families consider this an investment in their child’s future security and an opportunity to have some control over their own lives. Specialized Housing assesses the compatibility of the applicants and also assists in determining potential subsidies and sources of funds. The disabilities can fall within a broad range as long as the individual can manage with the level of staffing the program provides.

Generally a condominium unit consists of a private bedroom (sometimes with a private bath) and an undivided share of generous, well-appointed common areas—living rooms, kitchen, dining room, recreation area, staff apartments, laundries, etc.
The residents learn to be homeowners and become part of a profoundly supportive community, forming deep friendships and helping each other. They become part of the larger community as well.   A group of parents and siblings of adults with Developmental Disabilities is working to create a supportive and nurturing home for their family members in South Portland, Maine.  20 E Street will open in May 2010 and provide a condo(bedroom) unit for 9 adults.  This home ownership project is the first of its kind in Maine.  20 E Street will be staffed and managed by Specialized Housing, Inc