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Provider Information - PSL Services

Date: 7/10/2006

Agency Name: PSL Services

Location: 233 Oxford Street Portland, Me 04101

Contact Person: Lori Rogers

Telephone #: 207 879 0847


Web Site Address: &

Description of Services: PSL Services, also known as the Project for Supprted Living, provides an aray of services in the greater Portland area, these services include:

  • Day Services: Adult and young adult services located in separate locations. Both offer low participant to staff ratios, and emphasises on community participation and the development of skills that lead to greater independence and use of community services. Also offered is a senior adult program that offers a quite setting with peers and the ability to particapte in community activites when requested.
  • Supported Living: PSL owns and operates two apartment buildings that are staffed 24 hours and provide the support tenants need to live indendently. PSL also provides support to individuals living in their own apartments.
  • Shared Living: This residential program provides the person the opportunity to live in a more home-like environment with either a family or a roomate who also provides support that will enable the participant to live more independently.
  • STRIVE: STRIVE is a unique program for young adults from the age of 15-24. STRIVE offers a Friday night social event, Wednesday educational opportunity and weekend activites. Call Pete at 774-6278 or go to the web site: for more information.
  • STRIVE U: STIVE U is a ground-breaking program that offers participants a two year experience that includes: attending classes at the University of Southern Maine, paid quality job experiences, and a dorm-like living experience that emphasizes the development of skill that leads toward living independently in their own community. For more information go to