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Provider Information - Pottle Hill, Inc.

Date: 9/1/2006

Agency Name: Pottle Hill, Inc.

Location: Pottle Works & The William T. Twarog Senior Enrichment Center

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Telephone #: 207-345-3511

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Pottle Works
Started in 1981, the Pottle Works providers services to adults and students leaving school who have disabilities. Most people served have some kind of developmental disability, such as mental retardation or they have mental illness. Vocational services are provided through work experience in the community. The following vocational services are provided: Vocational evaluations, work adjustment training, supported work, job development, job placement, job coaching, and semi-retirement opportunities. Some individuals are place and supported in companies in the Oxford Hills, Mechanic Falls, and the Lewiston-Auburn area. Some people work in industrial crews. In this setting a group of people supervised by our staff work in an industrial setting performing the work of that industry. Other individuals, however, work in crews performing commercial janitorial services, grounds keeping and/or firewood processing. The expected outcome of these services is for individuals served to reduce their dependency on governmental systems and others, and become more productive citizens integrated into their communities in accordance with their wishes.

The William T. Twarog Senior Enrichment Center in Auburn, Maine opened in 1984. The Center provides opportunities that promote independence and personal enjoyment in their lives and that foster self and expansion of their acquired skills. This program emphasizes an individual’s use of leisure time and participation in community or group activities of the individual’s choice. The program also focuses on: sustaining an individual’s acquired skills, providing methods of coping with sensory losses associated with the aging process, sustaining/improving health and physical development, teaching independent living skills and communication skills designed for an aging population, providing opportunities for socializing. Personal assistance is also provided. All staff are fully trained and certified and/or licensed where applicable.