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Provider Information - Pillars Community Outreach, Inc.

Date: 4/9/2014

Agency Name: Pillars Community Outreach, Inc.

Location: 11 School St. Waterville, Me 04901

Contact Person: Christopher Money

Telephone #: (207) 616-0278

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Pillars provides Daily Living Support Services. DLSS services assist clients to maintain the highest level of independence possible. Services are provided in the client's home, in accordance with the individual support plan. DLSS services help clients to learn and maintain the skills necessary for daily living. The primary goal of the services is to help clients remain oriented, healthy, `and safe. Support staff have MHRT-1 certifications, and use varied support methods, such as modeling, cuing and coaching.

Also offered are FLEX services, which are a low-hour DLSS service designed to be flexible to client needs. The service offers support to clients who have achieved a level of independence such that weekly staffing is not required, but still need support in designated areas of their lives. With only 48 hours notice, clients may request a MHRT-1 staff member to support their circumstance-specific needs. FLEX services are community based, and given in accordance with an Individual Support Plan.