Developmental Services - Provider Directory

Provider Information - Pathway, Inc.

Date: 7/7/2006

Agency Name: Pathways, Inc.

Location: 589 Minot Ave., P.O. Box 1267, Auburn, Maine 04211-1267

Contact Person: Bob Kennelly

Telephone #: 207-795-4085


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: We provide services to the disabled population such as

Independent Living Program - The supervisor will assist a consumer out in the community such as grocery shopping, laundry, appointments to Dr.'s., and help them learn housekeeping chores.

Supported Employment - The Casemanager will try to find a job out in the community and then support them while they work at the off-site location. If not out into the community the consumer will work here at our Minot Ave. Site in a sheltered workshop or at Rodman Road (our warehouse).

Extended Employment - The casemanager will support and guide them while they work here at our Minot Ave. facility in our sheltered workshop doing piece work.

Day Habilitation - The consumer will go out into the community and participate in assisting programs like Meals on Wheels, exercising with the elderly at Clover Manor, taking care of our Adopt-a-Spot, learn how to use the library and many other activities.

Personal & Social Development: The consumers are located at our Minot Ave. Facility. These consumers require more assistance with possibly a one on one. They will also do activities.

Work Place Program: The consumer will be referred to us and we will do an assessment to see what they can or can not do. This assessment could be from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks depending on the consumer. They may try working at all our different sites including Brunswick Naval Station in the Galley doing dishwashing or bussing tables.