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Provider Information - OHI

Date: 10/28/2008          

Agency Name: OHI      

Location: 25 Freedom Parkway, Hermon, Maine 04401

Contact Person: Melissa Grieco

Telephone #: 848-5804 ext 133

Web Site Address: OHIMAINE.ORG

Description of Services:

At OHI, we have a two-fold purpose: to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to make life choices and set their own goals, and then to provide the resources they need to work towards those goals.  Our system of support includes everything from counseling and case management to residential services and help with daily living skills, and housing.  The result?  Talented individuals who hold jobs, maintain homes, attend worship services, volunteer - and add value to their communities in many different ways.  We believe that with the right resources, everyone can live more independently and make a contribution to society.  We're here to make it happen.

Specific Services Offered: 

Residential, Outpatient Therapy, Personal Supports, Daily Living Supports, Children's Residential, Prader Willi Services