Developmental Services - Provider Directory

Provider Information - Northern Maine General, Inc.

Date: 3/29/2007

Agency Name: Northern Maine General, Inc.

Location: Main Office at: 3388 Aroostook Road, Eagle Lake, ME

Contact Person: Reynold Raymond, CEO

Telephone #: (207) 444-5152

E-Mail Address:

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Description of Services: NMG's mission is, "To effectively provide for the physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual well being of every consumer being served by each division of the corporation. "

Adult Residential Services for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities:
NMG currently has 9 "waiver homes" serving anywhere from 2-4 adults with cognitive and physical disabilites. Through our Personal Supports Program, NMG also provides services to persons in their home and apartments. In our Shared Living Program, NMG is an oversight agency for community-based family's who provide residential services within their own home, to consumers in need.

Trained staff provide the consumers with habilitative services for the purpose of increasing skills, such as: activities of daily living, social and emotional well-being, behavioral supports, physical & occupational therapy, communication, safety, etc. Services are delivered according to each person's needs and goals, as they are identified through their person centered planning process.

Adult Day Habilitation for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities:
NMG provides day programming with trained staff who support individuals for the purpose of promoting self maintenance, physical fitness, self awareness, self motivation, and to address sensory, motor and psychological needs. There are 2 center/community based sites in Eagle Lake that serves individuals from Portage to Fort Kent.

Children's Behavioral Health Services
Children's Behavioral Health Services concentrates on the mental health needs of children in Aroostook County. The program provides one-on-one, in-home and community habilitation services to children ages 20 years and less with an Axis I or Axis II diagnosis, who meet eligibility requirements. All referrals to the program are received from BDS. The goal of these services is to increase a child's level of social and family functioning by enhancing mental and physical skill development. Northern Maine General behavioral specialists work with children on an individual basis to decrease maladaptive behavior patterns by utilizing appropriate behavior management techniques. The program is clinically supervised by an LCSW and all program staff members receive required training and education to qualify them as a Behavioral Specialist I (BSI). .

Children's Day Habilitation Program
NNG's Children's Day Habilitation Program provides a variety of services to families who have children with developmental disabilities, autism, or any diagnosis under the autism spectrum disorder. The program serves children from birth to twenty years of age who live in central and northern Aroostook County. Depending on a child's needs, services can be provided before school, after school, or on weekends. The services are designed to help children develop skills in activities of daily living, self-help, self-care, and physical as well as social development. Trained staff members work with families and children in order to help them achieve these goals. An individualized care plan is developed to provide in-home supports to meet each individual child's needs. Care plans are reviewed quarterly and updated annually, or as needed. Families are encouraged to participate in every aspect of planning for their children as well as in carrying out their care plans.