Developmental Services - Provider Directory

Provider Information - Motivational Services, Inc.

Date: 2/19/2007

Agency Name: Motivational Services, Inc.


  • Augusta offices: PO Box 229, Augusta, ME 04332
  • Waterville office: PO Box 782, Waterville, ME 04903

Contact Person: Christy Daskoski, Service Director for Developmental Disabilities Services

Telephone #: 207-872-8195 at X 422


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: Motivational Services' Division of Developmental Disabilities Services provides residential support services for adults who have developmental disabilities and for adults who have developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Services are designed to meet each person's residential goals either in small one or two person sites with 24:7 staff support or at individual's apartments with non 24 hour support. Residential goal areas may include skill building in housekeeping, transportation, communication and interpersonal relationships, nutrition, health maintenance, medication management, safety practices, finances, problem solving and decision making, involvement in the community, recreation and exploration of meaningful activities including work, education and other interests.