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Provider Information - Mobius, Inc.

Date: 7/25/2006

Agency Name: Mobius, Inc.

Location: 319 Maine Street, Damariscotta, Maine 05543

Contact Person: Referrals: Diane Eder

Telephone Number:  563-3511 ext. 311


Web Site Address:

Description of Services: About the organization: Mobius, Inc., a private not-for-profit agency, has been providing services to persons with developmental disabilities in the central Maine coastal area since 1978. The philosophy of Mobius, `Valued Roles in the Community,' drives all service delivery, and uses highly individualized service planning to identify meaningful goals to enhance the independence of individuals served. The organization has implemented a method to assess individual performance towards attainment of goals identified within person-centered plans and has initiated collaborations with a variety of community resources to open doors for inclusion of service recipients in community life. Senior staff provide consultation for State-level initiatives as well as to other organizations seeking to enhance person-centered services.

Agency services are nationally accredited (CARF), and residential facilities are licensed by the State of Maine. Adult service offerings include: day habilitation; 24-hour supervised residential; supported independent living; shared living arrangements with host families; supported employment; and case management. The agency has recently begun coordinating clinical crisis assessments for consumers residing in Region II who are experiencing frequent and significant crises. The agency also provides specific services for youth, including: community support; case management and supported employment.