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Provider Information - LifeShare Management Group Inc.

Date:  2/1/2012              

Agency Name: LifeShare Management Group Inc.      

Location: 2 School Street, Waterville, Maine, 04901

Contact Person: Jeri-Lynn Chambers - Director or Meg Brown - Program Quality Coordinator

Telephone #:   207-692-2068
E-Mail Address:;

Web Site Address:

Description of Services: LifeShare Management Group provides the Shared Living model of Residential Support all across the State of Maine, as well as Community Support Day Programs through section 21 and 29. Our Community Support Day Programis strictly community based, which is an alternative to the traditional center based day programs. Both our Residential and Day Programs are tailored to the needs of the individual, and activities are scheduled to take place in the individual's community. Our Community Support Day Program is structured with a 1:2 or 1:3 staff to individual ratio, with a focus on Volunteer Activities, Building Self-Esteem, Physical Fitness and Nutrition, Education, and developing Daily Living Skills. The Community Support program does not duplicate any supports that an individual would receive in a Shared Living Program. LifeShare's Shared Living Program provides a 1:1 support in the home and community outside of work or community support hours. It is a focused and habilitative service designed to assist an individual with daily living skills in the home.