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Provider Information - Lee Residential Care, LLC

Date: 03/06/2012

Agency Name: Lee Residential Care, LLC

Location: 83 Main Road North, Hampden, ME 04444

Contact Person: Karen M. Lee, RN, COO

Telephone #: 207-862-2643

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address: http://www.LeeResidentialCare.Com

Description of Services:Our goal at Lee Residential Care, LLC is to offer the highest quality, caring, professional environment to persons with cognitive and physical disabilities in a family/staff/peer supported environment. Each individual's goals will be met to there maximum potential encouraging independence, success, and community inclusion throughout Penobscot County. Lee Residential Care, LLC works closely with consumers, guardians, caseworkers, as well as additional providers in a team approach to assure goals and desires are being formulated and achieved.

Residential: Lee Residential Care, LLC services consumers in a two person group home model with 24/7 staff support. Two of our homes are located in Bangor and four homes are located in Hampden.

Home Support: Lee Residential Care, LLC home support staff are DSP, CRMA, CPR, Mandt trained and support emotional safety in the home and community, transportation to medical appointments as well as leisure/recreational activities, arranging medical appointment, and prompts to perform personal hygene skills.

Home Support Less Than 24/7: Lee Residential Care, LLC offers support services for consumers requiring less than 24/7 supervision in the client's home. We also can assist the consumer in obtaining their own home/apartment

Shared Living: Lee Residential Care, LLC offers this level of support to consumers that prefer to reside in a family setting which may consist of a couple or single individual that would provide all care similar to foster care.