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Provider Information - Independence Association

Date: 11/29/2007

Agency Name: Independence Association

Location: 87 Baribeau Drive Brunswick, me 04011

Contact Person: Holly Randall

Telephone #: 725-4371

E-Mail Address:

Web Site Address:

Description of Services:
Independence Association annually serves over 250 adults and children with mental retardation, autism and/or other disabilities. Individuals served may access one or more of the following programs:

Residential Services/Supported Living - IA offers a continuum of residential options that includes shared living situations, group living situations up to and including 24 hour support, and assistance in maintaining one's own apartment through our Supported Living Program.

Employment Services - provides individuals with vocational counseling, support to explore career options, seek and obtain competitive work with local businesses, and/or successfully maintain current jobs in their community.

Community Connections and Therapeutic Services/The Learning Center Initiative - provides day-hab supports in both community and center-based settings. Services include skill building, daily living activities, and community inclusion through volunteering, mentoring and peer support.

The Learning Center - offers an array of classes, activities, community resources and mentor programs. Many classes are taught by volunteers and originate from individual requests.

Spindleworks - provides studio and gallery space for artists with disabilities to realize their creative dreams. The program offers a wide variety of opportunities in visual, written and performing arts.

In Home Support Services - provide support to children and adults with mental retardation or autism in their family home or community. In Home Support is a therapeutic and rehabilitative service which fosters independence in the areas of socialization, communication, and independent living skills.